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Orientation Program

A orientation program is more like a introduction program where newly joining employee is familiarized with the organization, its culture, its employees, geography, bosses and major projects on which organization is working currently. In this assignment different attributes of a orientation program like its activities, its duration, it’s costing, evaluation of the program and its effectiveness and its alignment with the long term goals and objectives of the organization would be discussed. 

This program would be titled as “Welcome Home” program for all newly joining employees. Title of the program is kept in such a manner that employee would feel at ease and take program in a positive manner. This program would be both a welcome program along with an introductory lesson and getting to know each other program. This means this program would be a two way program and both employee and organization would know each other better during the program duration. This program is of 3 months duration and during this period there are various activities like lectures, practical sessions, social meets, in formal parties, group discussions, tours and formal meetings would be used to engage employee and indulge him in the two way process of familiarizing with program. Entire program would be conducted under the supervision of a HR manager who is a expert in training and development since last 15 years and being hired as a free lance trainer for organizations to conduct their orientation program.

Orientation program would begin immediately after the hiring process is over and it would take approximately 50-100 employees in one batch. Entire orientation program would be evaluated on a monthly basis and final grades would be given to each employee before they conclude the program. These grades will be kept as a record by organization for future reference of their employees. This orientation program would need 3 HR managers from the organization to join with the training expert and provide him all the details of organizational needs and requirements along with a brief profile of each employee. This will help in modifying the program in such a manner that it will suit to the needs of employees and organization perfectly.

Organization is presently very much troubled with the fact that they are spending a lot of amount on hiring of the employees, developing their skills and job activities and they are leaving the organization as soon as they get another job. This is wasting a lot of organization expenditure and also creating a serious obstacle in long term profitability and sustainability of the organization in present competitive market. To tackle this problem organization developed a strategic objective of significantly reducing the number of people living organization or turnover rate. This essentially does not mean that no one would leave the organization but it should not be greater than the industry average and there should be appropriate reasons for leaving. To meet this organizational objective there are many strategies which a organization can follow like compensation package increasing, better work environment, a properly designed and determined career path etc. along with that a proper orientation program is also recommended which will engage the new employees in organization. It is observed that many employees are looking for a new job within first year of their employment. This chunk of employee can be retained by an orientation program. Orientation program should be all round i nature and it should meet multiple requirements of employees as well as organization simultaneously. Further a proper controlling and feedback mechanism should be in place to make modifications and corrections as and when required.

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Adam, fresh from school was a newly recruited HR practitioner. During his 1 month into the job, he was asked to be in-charge of the orientation programme for the entire organisation. Being new, he followed closely to the processes. Recently, Roy joined the organisation and Adam is required to orientate him. On Roy's first day of work, Adam brought him around the organisation for introduction to the rest of the staffs.

Unfortunately, Roy's assigned mentor was not around hence, Adam was unable to make an official introduction for Roy to meet up with his mentor. In the afternoon, during the HR briefing, Adam mentioned to Roy that there is a buddy system in place but is only on an opt-in basis. Roy requested to opt for a buddy. Adam was rather surprised by Roy's request as according to Adam's manager-Jean, that no one in the organisation has requested for a buddy.

Hence, Adam checked with Jean on the criterias in getting a buddy for Roy and according to her, Adam found out that it need to be someone preferably from Roy's dept. Having clarify on the criterias, Adam is supposed to get a buddy for Roy, unfortunately, this issue was clearly forgotten by Adam due to his busy schedule as he was involve in other HR matters as well and he did not follow up with Roy's request promptly.

One week later, Adam met Roy in a lunch gathering and Adam greeted Roy and asked him casually how is he doing and if he has adapted well to his job. Roy, asked Adam blatantly and angrily where is his buddy that he has requested. At that moment, Adam recalled on the existence of this request and unwittingly told Roy jokingly that he thought Roy was joking with him on the request for a buddy as he did not admit to Roy that he has clearly forgotten about the whole issue. Roy was very angered by Adam's response and told him off that he was very serious in getting a buddy and that its Adam's responsibilty to do so. Adam, clearly embarassed and guilty about his mistake, apologised immediately and promised to get him a buddy. On the very day, a buddy-Sam, was found for Roy. Roy, was very unhappy with Adam and confronted Adam and his buddy when he is able to have an official meet up session with his mentor. Adam explained to Roy that the organisation has no current practice in place for meet up sessions to be arranged between mentors and mentees and its a practice for mentees to take self-initiative to do so in arranging for meetings with their mentors and also that his mentor is currently out of town and will only be back the next day. Adam, himself being a new staff also was at that moment in time speaking on personal experience and also based on what Jean has told him. Sam, who was present agreed and helped to explain to Roy on the practice. Roy kept quiet and Adam unknowingly thought that Roy has understood with the organisation practice. Hence, Adam did not continue to check with Roy on this aspect.

The following day, Roy had a feedback session with his manager and Adam was called upon to sit in as part of the orientation programme. Roy brought up the issues on Adam's failure to get him a buddy promptly and that he was not introduced to his mentor at all. He complained about the poor management of the HR mentor and buddy system and that it was not effective at all and that he expressed that he is very unhappy with Adam as he felt that he is not doing his job at all. Adam tried to explain to Roy and his manager about what happened and also reassured Roy that he will take his suggestions of improving on the system and was apologetic about the issue. He told Roy's manager that he will bring Roy to see his mentor after the session as his mentor is back in the office after being on leave for the past week.

Roy was still very unhappy with Adam and continued telling Adam off in front of his manager.

1. On a HR practitioner point of view, what should Adam do to resolve the issue?

2. Roy is very unhappy with Adam and holds it against him even though all has been done and followed up. What should Adam as HR do to resolve this and should Jean,as Adam's manager do something?

3. What role does Roy's manager play in this issue and should he be implicated?

Pls discuss and help Adam resolve the case.


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