Seminary Outline For Turabian Research Paper

Resources for the Journey

A number of resources are important for the success of your journey. Don’t leave home without them! Each item will either help you to write your project or help you navigate your way along the path toward completion. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your travel gear so you can pull the resources out of your “pack” when necessary.  Many of these resources can be downloaded below.  


DMin Style and Format Guide

To help students, the DMin office recently created the DMin Style and Format Guide. It communicates the program’s standards for style and format. Students are expected to adhere to the contents of this guide and conform their papers to what is contained there. Whenever there is a question about a style or format issue, the DMin Style and Format Guide should be consulted first.

Seventh Edition of Turabian

In addition to the DMin Style and Format Guide, a second necessary resource is Kate Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Seventh Edition. The DMin Style and Format Guide can be thought of as a tailor-made version of this book. In Turabian, there are numerous places where the author defers to “local guidelines” in the writing of a paper. The DMin Style and Format Guide covers these local preferences. For issues not addressed in the DMin guide, please consult Turabian. When you note a discrepancy between Turabian and the DMin Style and Format Guide, follow the DMin guidelines.

Style and Format Reviews

During the writing of your final project you will be given two style and format reviews, one at the introduction and first and second chapter stages, and the second one when the entire first draft has been completed and submitted to our office. These reviews, done by a trained Style and Format Reviewer, will provide feedback on how well you did in conforming your work to DMin’s academic writing standards. Use these evaluations as a guide to help you develop and revise your manuscript.

DMin Doctoral Project Travel Handbook

This online resource, which can be printed, provides the map and instructions to successfully complete the final project journey. Keep this handbook readily available as you will need to refer to it every step of the way.

Academic Writing Standards: A Checklist for Students

This checklist is included in the DMin Style and Format Guide, but it is put here for easy access. We really want you to use this tool to facilitate your writing and improve the quality of your doctoral project. Look at it often!

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