Unit 1 Assignment 2 Personal Communication Ethics Statement

Unit 3 Assignment 2 - Personal CommunicaTon Ethics Statement (Por±olio) Values and ethics are with us every day and how we choose to use them defines us as people. All of us need to make immediate and wise decisions. The choices we make should be driven by our own ethics. I believe that people need good ethics to promote a healthy and positive environment for ourselves and others. I always assumed my personal ethical viewpoint is that everything should be equal and fair. After looking at how I interact with others, I found that I use my rationality to determine how I can ensure equality to all others. I learned that my unseen area is that I trust too much in just outcomes in every situation. I tend to forget that although every person should have equal access, not everyone does. Even though I want everything to be fair, I know it is not and I often rely on ethical decisions to come up with a fair system. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

CO2520 Communications Carlos Rivera Unit 3 Assignment 2: Personal Communication Ethics Statement My personal ethics statement will include my personal values and ideals important to me as a student and in everyday life. My ethics and personal belief are my morals that reflect and define the person that I am today. The decision and everyday choices that I make on a daily basis should be consistent with my integrity and respect towards others. If I follow these ethics then I will keep my happiness and hold peace with others if I keep to these values. I believe in the equality of all people, religion, race, and regardless of any handicaps and ensure that people be treated fairly. When I treat people as well as others with respect and dignity while holding me accountable to the principals that I keep will ensure that I treat others, as I want to be treated (the golden rule). My preferred ethical lens is the Rights lens-responsibility and results lens, where my core values are autonomy and rationality/sensibility along with my

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